Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Lansing Elementary School District 158.  It is my great honor to serve as your Superintendent as we continue to move forward to meet the challenges of the ever changing educational landscape.  I am proud of the Board of Education’s commitment to support programs that meet the needs of our students, provide resources for our families, and professional development to our staff.

New for the 2016-2017 school year is the implementation of our Strategic Plan which addresses the educational needs of our students and furthers the vision of the District.  The first year of our three year plan is focused on curriculum, instruction, and assessment; meeting the unique needs of our students; professional development; community; and finances and facilities.  I encourage you to review our strategic plan found on our district website at . 

In addition, we have expanded our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program at Memorial Junior High with the new robotics program.  Our math committee has worked over the summer revising our math curriculum maps and creating common assessments.  Our technology has been updated to include a district tech management system, new data access points throughout the district, new fire wall and content filters, and we began the replacement of the Power Over Ethernet (POE) switches which will allow the full use of our bandwidth.  Lester Crawl School will be opening a second 4-Year old classroom to meet the needs of our Pre-K students in the community.  Also, several classrooms throughout the district are piloting “alternative seating” as a result of research related to student learning and engagement.  All of these changes are in alignment with our District’s Strategic Plan.

I am proud of the Board of Education’s vision to complete the renovation/expansion projects for Memorial Junior High School in 2009, Oak Glen Elementary School in 2013, and Reavis Elementary School in 2014.  In 2016 our district was awarded $18 million in Qualified School Construction Bonds through a competitive federal program, at little to no interest, to renovate/expand Coolidge Elementary School.  This project is expected to be brought to the Board of Education for approval in October 2016.  All of our district programs and projects have been achieved and sustained while maintaining a balanced budget.

Lansing School District 158 recognizes the outstanding instructional staff, administrators, and support personnel whose efforts and expertise continue to cultivate the unique potential of each student by providing a challenging, supportive, and inclusive environment.   The Lansing community and the Board value education, our children, and are committed to providing high quality schools based on our belief of always “Putting the Children First!”


Dr. Cecilia Heiberger






Dr Heiberger

 Dr. Cecilia Heiberger