6th Grade


(8) Folders - with 3 holes for binder

Number Two Pencils

Colored Pencils

Erasable Pens - dark blue or black and red

Notebook Paper - wide rule

(5) Single Subject Spiral Notebooks - 70 pages

(2) Highlighters

(2) Boxes of Kleenex - Please write your name on the box

(5) Tab Binder Dividers

ID Lanyard

Zippered Pencil Case

2 packages of Dry Erase Markers

Antibacterial Wipes (Clorox)

Post-It Notes

3 x 5 Index cards

Trapper Keeper or Expandable file folder to hold all classes

Headphones or Earbuds

MEMORIAL GYM SUIT (PURCHASED AT Lansing Sport Shop or directly from the Activities Director - BUY BIG ENOUGH TO FIT ALL THREE YEARS)

1 inch 3-ring YELLOW binder

1.5 inch 3-ring BLUE binder

5 divider tabs

1 - 3 hole punched pencil case to keep attached in BLUE binder rings

Inside pencil case:

1 red pen

1 green pen

1 blue pen

1 black pen

1 brown pen

2 different color highlighters


1 3-subject notebook

7th Grade

2 packs of Loose Leaf Paper (wide rule)

8 Composition notebooks

3 Spiral Notebooks

10 2-pocket Folders (plastic or thick cardboard-not the solid colored  paper-they fall apart)

2 packs of blue or black pens

2 Pack of Pencils

Big pink eraser


1 pack of 4 highlighters

Colored Pencils

1 cloth/plastic pencil bag

4 Glue sticks

1 pack of 5 divider tabs

1 inch 3 ring yellow binder

1.5 inch 3 ring blue binder

2 packs of 100 count index cards

4 Boxes of Kleenex

2 Antibacterial Wipes (Clorox)

MEMORIAL GYM SUIT (PURCHASED AT Lansing Sport Shop or directly from the Activities Director)

This list is tentative - more supplies may be requested.


8th Grade

#2 pencils with erasers  - at least 24

1 set of 12 or more colored pencils

Hand held pencil sharpener with shaving receptacle

Ball point pens, black or blue, at least 12

2 different color highlighters

8 divider tabs

1.5 inch 3-ring binder

Notebook paper – loose leaf

Folders – one for each class (can have clips & pockets)

3x5 index cards – 100 count

10  70- page spiral notebooks ( 2 for each class – one to start and one for the 2nd semester)

Standard graph paper

Glue stick

White out tape

2 boxes of tissues


All students must have a Memorial gym suit which can be purchased at the Lansing Sport Shop or directly from the Activities Director