School District 158 requires that all students with disabilities be given an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment (LRE). All District 158 children with disabilities will be educated with their grade level peers to the maximum extent possible. The Students Services Department provides a full continuum of services for students found eligible for special education. The continuum of services lays out the various special education services available from supplemental aids and services for children who remain in general education to special self-contained classes for those children who require more individualized, structured settings. This includes placements outside District 158 when necessary.  A parent or guardian may request to view or receive a copy of his or her child’s related service logs at any time and Lansing Elementary School District 158 will provide those logs within ten business days of the request.

The following outlines the services offered by District 158. Any questions regarding the services should be addressed to Dr. Tanya Carter, Director of Student Services (708-474-4868).

Early Childhood Special Education

Our Early Childhood Program supports students with identified developmental delays. This program works closely with the State of Illinois Early Intervention (EI) program and conducts preschool screenings throughout the year. Programs are located at Lester Crawl Primary Center.

Speech & Language

Speech-language services are provided to students with an identified impairment which adversely affects their educational performance in one or more of the following areas: articulation, voice, fluency, language. Programs are located at all District 158 schools.


The Resource Program is designed for students who require special education services less than 50% of their school day. Resource can include consultation by the resource teacher to the general education teacher, co-teaching, and/or individual or small group direct instruction as a pull-out service in the resource room. Programs are located at all District 158 schools.


The Instructional Program is a self-contained class designed to meet the individualized educational needs of students requiring special education services for greater than 50% of the school day. Inclusion opportunities are provided when it is appropriate for the individual child. Special education staff assists the General education staff with accommodations/modifications necessary for student success in the general curriculum. Programs are located at Lester Crawl Primary Center, Coolidge School, Oak Glen School, Reavis School, and Memorial Junior High.

Low-Incidence Program (Hearing, Visual, Orthopedic Impairment)

Programs for students with a visual, hearing, or orthopedic impairment are available in cooperation with ECHO. Students may be serviced by an itinerant teacher who comes to the child's district school or in a self-contained structure.

ECHO (Exceptional Children Have Opportunities) Programs

Lansing District 158 is part of the ECHO Joint Agreement. ECHO placements are utilized when a child‘s needs cannot be met with the supports available within the district's programs. Programs include: Adaptive Behavioral Learning Environment Program (ABLE); Communication Development Program (CD); Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program (DHH); Pace Program; Physically/Health Impaired - Visually Impaired Program; ECHO School; ECHO Satellite; ECHO Early Childhood. Programs are located at various sites throughout the south suburbs.

Other Related Services

Lansing District 158 also offers related services as needed by a student. Related services are listed within a child's IEP when there is a need. These services include, but are not limited to: school health services, social work services, speech-language services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and physically impaired itinerant. Related services are offered at all schools in District 158.