Lansing School District 158 received the following letter from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources regarding our efforts to support the chimney swift birds at Coolidge Elementary School. Thank you to Regional Wildlife Biologist Mr. Domazlicky for his visibility, advice, collaboration, and positive feedback regarding this situation.
about 4 years ago, Lansing School District 158
On Monday, August 27, Lansing School District 158's Time Travelers performed "The Incredible Westward Movement" at the Lansing Public Library. This piece - "Getting Lost In America" by Ron Fink and John Heath - featured a solo by Memorial 6th Grader Esmeralda Spencer as Sacagawea, who helped the Corps of Discovery (played by Oak Glen 3rd Grader Sultan Bellow, Reavis 3rd Grader Andrew Herrera, Reavis 3rd Grader Ian Stubbs). Thanks to Mrs. DiGrispino for directing and the Lansing Historical Society for hosting the event!
over 4 years ago, Lansing School District 158
During yesterday's Opening Teacher Institute, Superintendent Mr. Schilling (far left) and Horace Mann Representative Mr. Donley (far right) recognized seven Lansing School District 158 faculty members who received tenure this year: (left-to-right) Memorial PE Teacher Mrs. Bersell, Coolidge 5th Grade Teacher Mrs. Wiora, Coolidge 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Sannito, Memorial 7th Grade ELA Teacher Mrs. Flaherty, Reavis 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Martinez, Oak Glen Social Worker Ms. Toppmeyer, and Oak Glen 4th & 5th Grade Co-Teacher Mrs. Joria. Congratulations to our educators on achieving this career milestone!
over 4 years ago, Lansing School District 158
Teachers Recieving Tenure